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Xylen Management is an independent telecoms consultancy that specialises in niche and unique solutions. We have an expert team that can deliver on bespoke projects varying from telecom related mobile apps to non-geographic services. Our management team has almost 20 years in the industry and our team consists of IT and telecom engineers who can collaborate to work on tight deadlines. We offer the following services:


Cloud Based Phone Systems


We can help your business with any VOIP technologies and hardware needed for you to be able to communicate efficiently at a much cheaper rate as you there is no expensive ISDN phone lines and PBX systems to be purchased, costs are kept to a minimum.

Network Hub and Cable

Software Development


If you have very specific requirements for any telecoms (Voice and SMS) based project, you can contact us for a free initial enquiry. We will give you free advice and a potential solution that will help solve the issue. Our team has the expertise to build telecoms systems, IVRs, mobile apps, online portals. We also offer white label solutions so that you can add your own branding to any of the solutions that we build for you. For more information, please get in touch via the contact form or by calling +44121 667 1441.


Exceptional Roaming Solutions

Xylen Management offers an exceptional service tailored to roaming managers, empowering them to boost their inbound marketing revenues through innovative roaming solutions. With Xylen's expert guidance and cutting-edge technology, roaming managers can now maximize their potential, enhancing customer experiences and driving significant revenue growth in the ever-evolving telecommunications landscape. For further information visit:

Mobile Phone

Business Mobiles & Sim Only


We are partnered with major sim companies such as Vodafone, EE & O2. We specialise in sim only and the latest handset deals. Don't miss out on these exclusive offers.

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