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Charity SMS

We are really excited to announce our latest project to everyone, where Registered UK Charities can receive donations via SMS. It is a FREE* service with great support from our office team.

The world is now heading in the direction of a cashless society and this SMS donations will help bridge that gap. The primary aim of this service is to help charities raise money via another channel which is user friendly for people who want to donate money...if you can send a text, then you can help! 

Who can use this service?


This service is for Registered UK based charities. We do require a Registered charity number as part of the sign-up process.



People can donate money via SMS from their phones in the following denominations:

  • £1.50

  • £3 

  • £5

  • £10

  • £20 (2x £10)

  • £30 (3x £10)


  • 100% donation pass-through from mobile networks

  • Free set-up & training

  • No monthly rental fees*

  • VERY simple way of raising funds - simply send a text message!

  • Great way to fund-raise remotely (people can donate from everywhere - more accessible than cash donations)

  • Secure - no credit card or direct debit details required

  • No internet connection required - works from basic phones too!

  • Set up specific keywords for certain projects

  • Track donations/money raised via our reporting system and online portal - (launching soon)

  • Free bespoke marketing images designs for website/social media

  • Free generic posters, leaflets or business cards

  • Receive an extra 25% donation via our integrated Giftaid weblink (via FTP connection)

  • Payment terms: 45 days after month end (Vodafone is 75 days after month end)

* There is a small 5% fee to cover the hosting and operational costs associated with the service

More information


For any further queries, please call our office on 01216671441.

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